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A Franchise Development & Coaching Company


Business For Life, Inc, a limited liability corporation in the state of Illinois, is a franchise development and coaching company, (B4L), owned by Saul F. Serna and Jan Mansfield. The company is located at 7210 East State St, Rockford, Illinois 61108. B4L IS A REGIONAL DEVELOPER FOR MAJOR FRANCHISE COMPANIES , identifies potential franchise partners, guides them through the process to become a franchise partner, provides coaching, systems, tools, processes, and procedures necessary to implement the following:

  1. Children’s Just Bee® coaching program
  2. Nextage® Realty International franchise system and
  3. Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise system.

B4L owns 3 training and coaching programs:

  1. MAP to MASTERY™: A sales management and sales professional coaching system
  2. The Latin Boom™: A system to help companies and individuals increase Hispanic market share.
  3. FORMAT™Franchise Business Model: A franchise development formatted business model.

B4L business model is unique. The differentiation strategy is achieved by connecting 3 generations of clients and offering a social mission and professional coaching within our franchise development model. All our programs and systems as well as the opportunities to develop a franchise are presented in both English and Spanish.


A Franchise Development & Coaching Company

Saul Serna – Founder – president- CEO


Tonie Smith - Program Coordinator


Carlos Serna – Assistant



A Franchise Development & Coaching Company


We coach ordinary people to build, grow and enjoy an extraordinary quality of life.


A Franchise Development & Coaching Company


To build a world class franchise development and coaching company that serves all generations.

Starting with children, our Just Bee foundation® provides elementary schools with a character building and diversity children’s coaching program designed to enhance behavior, respect and appreciation, helping children become great role models and world class citizens.

For adults, Our Nextage Realty International® franchise offers real estate professionals the opportunity to own a real estate franchise and be coached and empower with their teams to build a rewarding business, not just do business. Each franchise partner will also have the opportunity to (1) sponsor a school in their market place to implement the children’s Just Bee program and (2) learn how to serve the senior market.

For our seniors, our Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise, provides seniors with the best in home non-medical assistance they need to maintain an independent lifestyle in their own homes for as long as possible by matching them with seniors willing and able to provide such services.

This is our Business For Life™…our circle of life, where no one takes more than they give, beginning by pouring values and simple life lessons to solidify the foundation helping children develop and build good character, to helping professionals build and grow solid and profitable real estate businesses, and providing seniors with an opportunity to give and to receive by enhancing each other’s quality of life.